We offer peace of mind

AiGambling, Artificial intelligence for casino

We use automation to empower casinos, allowing them to focus
on client satisfaction.

We help casinos scale efficiently.


Fraud Detection

Keep your money on the table by making sure everyone plays by the rules.

Error Detection

Address errors as soon as they happen. Reduce downtime and keep the house from paying losing hands.

Data Collection

Keep track of your operations and optimise games in real time.

The AiGambling advantage

Our software can run completely in house, meaning that no information ever needs to leave the casino, ensuring maximum data security.


No Hardware, Software Only

You are in control.
AiGambling adapts to pre-existing security cameras.


A better Customer Experience

AiGambling offers security without compromising client satisfaction. 

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See it in action

See it in action

Game Tracking

Lower Downtime

Dealer/Player tracking

Evaluate Table Performance

Game Tracking

Lower Downtime

Dealer/Player tracking

Evaluate Table Performance

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Matthieu Clas


Matthieu is passionate about innovation and technology. He has developped his skills in management and innovation through his previous position in R&D at WowWee.

Dominic Morin-Proulx


Dominic is a technology-driven developer and has acquired an expertise in camera vision and telecommunication at Teledyne Systems.

Henry Valdez


Henry is a Dreamer and a Doer. He developped his Marketing skillset with his previous company and affined his fiancial aspect at Bio-K+.

Samy Zarour


Samy is a developer and an entrepreneur at heart. He gained a considerable amount of knowledge in Machine Learning at IBM Watson.

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