Body Temperature
Monitoring Solution

We offer peace of mind

HookMotion offers a turnkey solution for automatically detecting elevated body temperature.

Thanks to an infrared sensor system, you will be able to automatically detect febrile people. Reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 in your establishment.


Line to access establishment
Elevated body
temperature sensor
Simple and private
pass/fail test
Real time notification
on any device


Privacy is a main pillar of our products. 
The sensor only reports passed or failed tests.

No video is displayed

Constant surveillance and filming make people uncomfortable.
Our solution only reports a passed or failed test for elevated body temperature.

No picture is taken

Our tests are completely anonymous. No picture is taken or attached to a temperature.

No private information is stored

No videos or pictures are stored. This solution only keep count of number of people who entered and pass/fail statistics.


Minimize risks and make your institution safer

Reduce the spread

High body temperature is the most comon symptom of COVID-19.

Protect clients and employees

To reduce the spread and protect clients and employees, institution should take as many precautions as possible.

Raise awareness

Feverish or sick people will avoid your establishement.

Quick response

Use real time body temperature statistics to react to any day to day fluctuation.

And more...

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Real Time And accurate

Highly accurate measurements
Two options: precision of 0.3°C or 1°C

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We take care of everything
Installation; maintenance and replacement

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Can make detections from up to 3 meters away

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No need to reveal customers temperature All data remains private

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Automatically receive messages through email, text or sound

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Safe and easy

Feel at ease, knowing your employees and customers are safer

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Meet Our Team

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